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Our intention is to transform and rebuild Colombia’s image with a different kind of

We are travelers proud to be the leading travel company providing these types of excursions, making us pioneers in the Colombian market.

We understand the importance of connections made during postgraduate education, which is why we developed this specialized and innovative service. Since our first trip with students of Chicago Booth and Harvard Business School, Colombia has become one of the most popular destinations for MBA students. Today it has become the third most popular option, after Israel and Japan.

We have worked with groups as large as 350 students, offering them a fully organized trip from beginning to end, yet still one in which every member decides what kind of experience they want to have.

We offer an agenda with both academic and cultural activities, as well as a wide selection of entertainment options. Every student decides what part they want to attend to, allowing them to choose based on their own personal interest. This setup has helped create many memorable connections. Travelers ge to know others that think alike. The agenda is so versatile that our clients say that each traveler can have different experiences even when travelling all at once.

More than 3,000 students from 11 of the world’s most recognized MBA’ have traveled with us to Colombia.

Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth, Stanford, and Wharton. The successes of these treks have led to other programs taking part, such as Harvard Kennedy School, Columbia SIPA, Princeton Med School, and more.

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We handle the details; you sit back and enjoy.

We're Travelers

We’re travelers

We're experts on every destination we offer, allowing us to provide you with the best experiences of each place.

We prefer local

We prefer local

We offer authentic experiences that allow you to live like a local and see what often remains hidden.

We run our trips

We run our trips

We create and manage our experiences, and travel with you during the whole trip.

We travel with purpose

We travel with purpose

We care. All of our operations support local communities and industries, making sure that tourism and sustainability go hand in hand.

You decide

You decide

We offer experiences for all preferences. No matter the group size, you get to decide on the experience you want to live.

You come first

You come first

You're our priority, and we're always open to help you with whatever you may need.


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