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Our goal is to use tourism to help transform Colombia’s image to the world.

Bogotá is the economic, cultural and administrative center of Colombia.

Thanks to its geographically central location, and economic and political stability, it has turned into one of the most competitive cities of the region, facilitating the economic development of entrepreneurs and investors.

The city’s importance during the colonial era and during the independence process is still reflected in the colonial delights of the historical center of the city. During the XXth century, the city experienced an endless number of political and social changes that left a lasting trace in the memory of its inhabitants.

Today, the city’s selection of culture and gastronomy, with world leading restaurants, are some of its biggest attractions.

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1.800 km2 of area


10.8 million inhabitants


5th largest city in South America (size)


4th largest city in South America (population)


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