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entertainment and nighlife

We want you to live experiences beyond the conventional. In Vaová we strive to create original and dynamic entertainment options. We offer events that let you celebrate with members of your group, letting the local rhythms and music take you away.

community and culture

We want our clients to have the most authentic experience possible. Through people’s stories and traditions, we aim to immerse you completely in the local community and culture.

real world learning

After half a century of conflict, Colombia is making its way back and becoming an increasingly attractive destination for visitors and investors. We work with universities and research centers to generate opportunities for dialogue and business. We organize conferences with influential players, visits to successful businesses, and field trips to areas of social transformation and entrepreneurship.

food and gastronomy

Experiencing the world through its food is one of the best ways to travel. We help our travelers experience the unique ingredients and flavors of each region.

contact with nature

We invite you to unplug from the daily routine and connect with nature. By checking-in with nature, you’ll recharge and discover not only the natural beauty of each region, but a newfound connection and energy.

sports and adventure

We want you to step out of your comfort zone and dare to try out new experiences. We help travelers push boundaries, enjoy the outdoors, and discover the full potential of each destination.

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