The best thing that can happen to you is to become an agent of change and innovative leader!

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Why should you become a VAOVA promoter?

  • We help you create a trip tailored to your group

    Embrace this opportunity to position yourself as a culture ambassador and innovative leader before your postgraduate peers, while contributing to the socio-economic development of the destinations you will visit.

  • Network in a creative and fun way

    Strengthen the connection with your classmates in fun activities, cultural experiences, and unforgettable places. Lead the conversations you want to have with your group on the most authentic trip of their lives.

  • Transform the image of destinations

    Be an agent of change by encouraging new ways of perceiving the destinations that you will visit. Join your group in a genuine exploration of the local culture, art, incredible landscapes, music, exquisite food, and regional joy.

  • Enjoy an extraordinary trip

    It’s a special occasion to disconnect, relax, and rest with your friends. With VAOVA each member of your group will experience our destinations differently, no matter how many people are traveling.


We will offer you one (1) Cardinal package for every twenty (20) travelers. These packages can be given to the travelers of your choice.

We will give you a 120$ voucher, redeemable in optional activities throughout the trip.

You will be able to select flights and hotels 24 hours before the rest of the group.

See what our
promoters say

Daniela ZuluagaColumbia Bussines School
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It has been one of the best experiences I have had not only on CBS but in my life.
Juliana ZapataMIT
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I did not know if I wanted to bring people here, but when I met VAOVA I realized that it was going to be very easy and the truth is that I do not regret having done it.
Juan Camilo GarcíaWharton
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I managed to show Colombia how I wanted to show it, I wanted to change the image of the news a bit and show them what my country really is.
Andres GomezHarvard
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The only reason why I was relaxed, is because we did this with VAOVA and it made everything turn out spectacular and that we could enjoy the trip.

How do we do it?


We present our company and the services that we can offer so you can choose the activities that you want to include in the itinerary. We want the trek leader to share their expectations to kick off the design of a customized travel experience.

Tailored proposal

After you choose the activities that you want to include in the trip, we send you a proposal and corresponding pricing. Keep in mind that this can include:
• Double accommodation in rooms with 1 or 2 beds.
• Internal flights, transfers between airports and hotels.
• Additional options like: international flights, medical insurance, upgrades for individual accommodation, sim cards, among others.

Trip kick-off

We help you organize an event to kick off the trek in your university, either through a virtual or in-person meeting. We handle the promotional material and the presentation.


Our customer service team is always available to solve any questions and help you so that everyone in the group has the trek information clear and updated. All travelers will have access to our platform in which they can choose national flights, hotels, and roommates, among others.

The Trek begins

Days before you arrive at the chosen destination, we will send you and your peers a guide that includes recommendations and details of the trip. From the moment they land, travelers will be accompanied by the VAOVA staff.

Lead one of our Treks and
bring your fellow peers to live
unmatch experiences