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  • Why be a promoter
  • Why not show the world a new view of Colombia?
  • Tourism as the engine of development!
  • What you’ll receive

Cocreate a custom trip for you and your friends and become an ambassador of Colombia!

All Colombians are proud of our country. And because we know that you want to share this with your colleagues, we’ll help you organize the trek for your university to Colombia.

At Vaová, we want to help transform Colombia’s image to the world. After half a century of conflict and with a new positive outlook towards the future, we are ready to charm the world with everything our country has to offer.

The people’s kindness, the variety of music, the diversity of regions, the eclectic gastronomy and spontaneity of our parties – it all makes Colombia an ideal travel destination.

We offer personalized trips

according to the interests of your group.

We support you with all the promotional material that you’ll need.

We want you to enjoy the process and to facilitate your work as a promoter.

For us, tourism is an opportunity to support the sustainable economic development of our country:

We work very closely with local communities during the development of our products,

considering how to generate growth and local employment in every place we visit.

We have our own sustainability policies.

we want to take care of both the environment and our people.

We only ally ourselves with companies that have similar values.

Being committed to these morals in every experience means surrounding ourselves with partners that share this vision for our country.

As colombians, we know we love to make visitors feel at home. That's why we’re committed to helping you become the best possible host of our country.

As a promoter, you’ll not only have the chance to be an ambassador of Colombia and help transform the image of the country, but you’ll also have the opportunity to extend your network of contacts, as there will be many new partners to work with during the planning of the trek.

how do we do it?

We take care of everything so you don’t have to.

  • | first we meet you

    As the trek organizer, you will tell us any specific expectations so that we can begin designing a custom experience.

    That’s why we take the time to We tell you about our company and the services that we offer so that you can choose the activities and services to include in the itinerary.

  • | waiting for your approval

    The idea is to cocreate the trek with you. The most important thing is that you and your group have the best possible experience.

    We prepare draft itineraries and then work with you on any necessary adjustments.

  • | We post the trip plan on our platform so that every member of the group can have their say.

    We post the trip plan on our platform so that every member of the group can have their say.

    The categories that can be selected are:
    1. Obligatory bundle: Hotels, internal flights, medical insurance and ground transportation.
    2. Optional activities for every destination.
    3. Optional international flights.

  • | your guidebook

    We'll deliver you a personalized guidebook.

    Full of useful information, reservation details, and our handy tips for every destination.

  • | your personal guide

    We provide you with a multidisciplinary staff of young professionals that know the country and that understand the interests of MBA students.

    We are here for you. Our staff travels with you every step of the way, ready to help and solve any issues.


Lead your university trek

Create with us a custom trip for you and your friends and become an ambassador of Colombia!

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