Connect with your peers and discover new destinations with incredible activities created especially
for your group. Return home with new friends and everlasting memories.

Our experience

We are leaders in the organization of university
treks in Colombia and Mexico

We value the importance of connections and networking in postgraduate programs, so we created an innovative product to strengthen the relationships between students through unmatched experiences in different destinations.

People have traveled with us
US and European programs
Treks since 2017
Our clients

Explore unique experiences

We offer an agenda with academic, cultural and fun activities that occur simultaneously. Each student decides which ones they want to attend, so they have the opportunity to meet different classmates in different settings. This has allowed us to create valuable connections and memorable experiences for your trek. The agenda is so versatile that travelers themselves report living many trips within one.

How do we do it?

Getting to know you

We introduce ourselves as a company and tell you about the services we offer so you can choose the activities you want to include in the itinerary. We want the trek organizer to tell us about their expectations so we can start designing a tailor-made travel experience.

Sending a proposal

After you choose the activities you want to include in the trip, we send you a proposal, along with its respective quotation. Remember that this can include:
• Double accommodation in 1 or 2 bed rooms.
• Internal flights, transfers between airports and hotels.
• Additional options such as: international flights, medical insurance medical insurance, upgrades for individual accommodation, sim cards, among others.

Trip launch

We help you coordinate an event to launch the trip at your university, either virtual or presencial. We take care of the promotional material and the presentation.

We've got you

Our customer service team will always be available to answer questions and help everyone in the group feel confident about the trip. All travelers will have access to our platform where they can choose their domestic flights, hotels, roommate, among others.

Our Trek

Days before your arrival at your destination, we will send you and your companions a guide that includes recommendations and details of the trip. From the moment they land, travelers will be accompanied by Vaová staff.
Create with VAOVA a special university trek for your post-graduate