Meetings and Events

Inspire and connect your teams through customized experiences

At VAOVA Travel we believe that the most valuable asset of your company is your employees. For this reason, we design corporate experiences tailored to your business, and we align ourselves with your strategic vision to produce events and trips that exceed the expectations of your guests. Our corporate proposal incorporates different artistic expressions to surprise and motivate your team, taking them out of their comfort zone and connecting them with the values you wish to promote by stimulating their creativity and imagination.

Reward your top talent with incentive trips, lead decisive workspaces and strengthen your organizational culture with extraordinary experiences!


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Trips with exclusive itineraries that are created to compensate the best-performing teams, where travelers can live extraordinary experiences to rest, recharge batteries, and enjoy themselves. Reward the results from your top team and increase the perception of value that your employees have regarding their contribution to the company.

Experiences as an incentive to excellence

Tourism is consistently considered the most valued non-monetary incentive by employees.

Meetings & Retreats

Gatherings of between 3 and 4 days for teams searching for high-impact conventions and a better work/life balance. Consolidate networking opportunities with your stakeholders in exclusive venues to work on specific goals from your business strategy.

Experiences as a source of inspiration

Corporate events allow businesses to strengthen their values and generate exchange opportunities outside the virtual environments.

One-day events

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Commemorative, celebration, kick-off, and planning events to tighten the bonds between your staff. Strengthen the culture of your company with events of wellness, development of soft skills, and alignment with objectives, values, or purposes of the business

Experiences to develop and align teams

The satisfaction and impact that result from the team workshops increase by ~2x when the session is carried out offsite.

Your team not only deserves the best. They deserve the extraordinary.

And with our happenings, we make the extraordinary possible by working closely with local artists to inspire your employees with diverse artistic expressions. We take art as the driver that will develop skills and sensitivities in your team, from reducing stress and stimulating their creativity to solving conflicts and boosting their self-esteem. With our happenings and our co-creation proposal, we’ll be able to design with you an unmatched corporate gathering.We create your experience tailored to your needs, culture and business values ​​or we can design your experience from our portfolio of activities:

How do we do it?

We understand your specific needs

We understand the needs or purposes you have for your corporate event or trip, and we analyze how our concept of happenings can enhance them.

We design a 100% customized

We understand the needs or purposes you have for your corporate event or trip, and we analyze how our concept of happenings can enhance them.

We make it easy for you

After you accept the experience, we coordinate all the logistics with our on-site teams.

We're always by your side

Lastly, we execute your event or trip with the highest standards of service and quality.

We work in close coordination with you to design the experience you dream of according to your needs:

VAOVA has a Product team made up of passionate travelers that have a back-to-back knowledge of our destinations and create unique experiences across 6 different categories: nature and adventure; events and parties; community, culture and gastronomy; real world learning; impact and transformation; and soft skills development. Depending on how much time available your team has and how much leisure you wish to include, we will create the experience that best caters to your needs in the form of incentives, celebrations or events, meetings, or retreats and summits. Furthermore, we use technology to ensure the scalability of the operation, get to know our clients better, and offer them an outstanding experience.

Who have we worked with?

Why choose us?


Our way of offering unrepeateable services by including artistic expressions and projects of social impact in our experiences

You decide

We create customized itineraries according to your preferences and strategic objectives.

We operate with self-sufficiency

We don’t work with third parties, and we don’t promote informal labor. We offer permanent assistance before, during, and after the experience

Tested protocols

Our protocols guarantee the highest protection and safety measures during your experience.

Creative advisors

Our team of consultants has traveled to more than 40 countries, both individually and with important organizations, acquiring first-hand knowledge of the best traveling standards. With our journey and experience these past years we’ve developed very close relationships with key industry players to facilitate unique experiences, including restaurant owners, hotel GMs, and many others. For this reason, each trip has an exclusive advisor to co-create the perfect experience according to the company’s requirements.

We believe in the importance of working together as an industry. Thus, we are part of the most important associations and bureaus such as:

In the corporate world, it’s increasingly relevant that employees live experiences outside the office or remote work

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